KlangaugeŽ, black - Class B

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KlangaugeŽ tuneable

  • Class B - F-dur special
  • F3 - G3 - A3 - C4 - D4 - F4 - G4 - A4

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  • Class B in F-dur special

  • F3 - G3 - A3 - C4 - D4 - F4 - G4 - A4

    The smallest note A4 is about 10% lower than the norm. Hardly noticeable to the ear

    The KlangaugeŽ is a tunable slit drum made primarily of metal. It follows the pentatonic scale,
    and is sometimes referred to as the steel tongue drum or simply steel drum.
    The KlangaugeŽ is similar to a singing bowl, and also produces overtone-like sounds.
    However eight distinct sounds can be produced.

    Our customers often ask us whether the KlangaugeŽ is a Hang, which is another type of percussion instrument. In reality, it is not.
    However, the development of the KlangaugeŽ was largely influenced by the Hang, which was our greatest inspiration.In the end we have
    created an instrument whose physical properties of creating a sound are unrelated to and independent of the Hang.


    The KlangaugeŽ is tuned with magnets on the underside of each of the tongues. This allows the user to tune each tongue.

    The KlangaugeŽ can be tuned and retuned with the magnets

    Demension and weight:

    Diameter: 30 cm, Head: 16 cm

    Weight: 3,5 kg

    Class B - F# dur

    Made in Germany

    Shipping weight: 5,20 Kg

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