Klangauge®-HandPan-Inox 12

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D-Amara- Celtic minor 12 note
Our HandPans are handcrafted by a very experienced HandPan builder in his small workshop.
He is driven by his passion and love for the instrument, which vibrates in every note and can be experienced directly by the musician.

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The first musical instruments of this kind were made in the Caribbean from old oil barrels and are still known as »SteelPan« bekannt.

As material for our HandPans, we have chosen a special stainless steel (EmberSteel) alloy. This produces very full and warm tones. So the pan is absolutely stainless and I find the reddish color, which is created by heating the metal, much friendlier and more pleasant than the usual gray. In addition, it can be dispensed to the process of nitriding.

Whoever plays this HandPan will never get out of the smile. You're just captivated by the magic that won't let you go.

Ideal for therapy and healing work. Especially in connection with the bodySound holder

Size and weight:

Diameter: 55 cm, Höhe: 24 cm
Weight: 4 kg

Characteristics of our HandPans

  • Stainless steel for better and more stabil sound behavier. No nitrate necessary.
  • Nice unusual colour
  • Optimal tuning technique by experienced Panbmaker prevents the unsightly, high Steeldrum sound.
  • Best balance between basic- and overtone.
  • 12 Notes (11 plus 1)
  • Ethical company philosophy.

D-Amara- Celtic minor D / G A C D E F G A C D E

The D-Amara is perfect for the 12 note HandPan. No other is so harmonious with the intermediate notes, which are extremely important for the 12 notes.
The atmosphere is easy to play and therefore very suitable for beginners.

More tunings on request


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Shipping weight: 11,00 Kg

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