Sofortüberweisung is a free TÜV certified online payment system based on the proven online banking system with PIN / TAN entry for a secure and fast processing of your online purchases.

Not to be confused with "
prepayment via bank transfer "

How works

Step 1: "transfer form"

First please enter your bank details (account holder, account number and sort code) so that we can connect with your bank. The name of the bank will be filled automatically. On the transfer form the following details are already filled:

Transfer amount

Usage is filled in automatically.

Step 2: "legitimacy"

Tell how online banking with your bank, the following:

Login name to login with your bank (or direct banking number. Or account no., Depending on the bank)

PIN that you use at your bank

Step 3: "forward transfer"

Please check again at this point all the information transfer. To complete the transfer, you must have a valid TAN, issued to you by your bank, and then "Confirm remittance and finish order" button press.

What is s

"sofortü" is a free, innovative payment method with TÜV certificate and TÜV tested data protection. Sofortüberweisung was developed by Payment Network AG and used in numerous online shops in Germany.
Via the secure, not accessible to vendors payment form of Payment Network AG advance automatically and in real time a transfer in your online bank account. The purchase amount is transferred instantly and directly into the bank account of the merchant.

* Notice of liability in cases of abuse

With the service
"sofortü" has so far not experienced any privacy violation (TÜV certified online payment system). Precaution we may point out that there are many banks and financial institutions, which assume that the use of the service "delivery" takes account of the use of your PIN and TAN to shift liability for any abuse cases by third parties. This can lead to abuse in case your bank refuses to accept the damage and as a result you have to bear the loss. As a precaution, therefore, the operator of the service "Sofortüberweisung", Payment Network AG, in your favor insurance, replaces financial losses incurred through misuse in accordance with the reproduced this link policy conditions. This means you shall be protected by the insurance from potential liability risks.

Your benefits with s

Immediate delivery of goods.

Immediately after finalizing your order, you can carry out the transfer directly. A change to your bank is no longer necessary. This saves time!

The data for your transfer are already filled in (invoice amount, payee, order number, etc.). The tedious typing and filling out the transfer form is eliminated.

Safe as online banking
The system accepts the same PIN and recognizes the valid TANs of your bank because you login in with these data at your bank.